English Motivational Story “A Story of a Mother” Motivational Story for, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

A Story of a Mother


“A mothers work is never done but, it is always done with love.”

For thousands upon thousands of women who are also mothers, I am sure that you could all write your own book about your experiences and those experiences would probably include all those various roles you played while being a mom including teacher, housekeeper, cook, financial manager, sport coach, or many more roles you have to step into whether you liked to or not.

And, for many other moms who also happen to work outside the home, I am also sure you could write a book about what frustrations and rewards you experienced as you juggled both working and being the mother of a family.

I for one also had the experience of working outside the home while trying to balance the responsibilities of looking after two children and a husband. But, I seemed to come through all those years none the worse off and in many ways, being well rewarded with two fine grown children.

The interesting thing for me now is that even with my children grown and with their own families, I still have other mom related responsibilities. And, add to that, I am now a Grandmother of three fine and healthy grandchildren.

“My grandchildren are the joy of my life.”

I suppose what I am saying is this: the role of a mother may change over time but the role and responsibilities expand with grown children and especially with the advent of grandchildren. Then, add to this the fact that I still work although at my own business. I still feel that I am doing a balancing act some days with issues to deal with in my business, concerns and issues from my grown children, and the need to see my grandchildren as often as I can along with requests for baby sitting and the overnighters as well


Oh well – that to me is all part of the on-going role of a mother for life.

“A mothers love never ends.”

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