English Motivational Story “Food Fantasy” Motivational Story for, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Food Fantasy

I was visiting my hometown with my youngest daughter. Since we had gone there after a few years, we decided to visit our favourite eatery. This was a fast food restaurant, resplendent with all sorts of confectionery items. Anyone coming here could not resist tasting one of the many mouth-watering delicacies. As we neared the shop window to decide which item we would taste first, I noticed a not-so-well-to-do woman eyeing the displayed goodies. She looked at all the counters longingly, and then moved away. I understood that she was unable to buy and relish the food due to lack of enough cash. I decided to give her a treat of the same items we had ordered. Before going to our table, I went to the woman who sat at the far end, having a cup of tea. I placed the plateful of savouries before her. When she found out the plate was for her, she thanked me profusely with tears shining in her eyes and a wobbling smile on her countenance. I was thankful I had been instrumental in fulfilling someone’s one small desire. As for our treat, it tasted even better that day than it had ever before.

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