English Motivational Story “Waiting for No Risk” Motivational Story for, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Waiting for No Risk


I could have easily waited it out putting in a few more years, going through the motions with just enough effort to keep me employed. But, if I did this, I knew that I would be unhappy every day I went to work and wasting away knowing that each day was only a façade to what I really wanted.

The Concern Was This

If I leave now, what would I do, and how would I survive financially?

Both of these questions are not ones to be answered easily or quickly.

Maybe it was better just to wait to see how long I could survive in my job before I couldn’t take it any longer.

Maybe there would be something in the newspaper or want ads that would be more appealing and give me a reason to leave so I would enjoy my last few years before official retirement.

Many People Think These Thoughts

In one of my past jobs of counselling people, I was told over and over and over again about the desire for a different job, a job that would be satisfying and where one would be appreciated instead of seen as a mere job number of job function.

These people all were waiting for something else, something that would force them out of their current position because it was so much better. But, even more important, it was something that was secure without risk and would give them everything they wanted without having to worry about one thing.

The solution for these people, and for myself in fact, was not and is not a move without risk.

Life Is Full of Risks

Life is full of risk and the wisdom of these words must be repeated over and over again.

We all take risks some bigger than others.

It really comes down to how . . .

It Really Comes Down To . . .

It really comes down to how badly you want to change something whether that be finding a new career totally outside and away from what you do currently to changing a habit that has caused you problems in the past and present.

Our Decision

Each one of us must decide whether a change is something that we cannot live without or we decide that we are going to keep doing what we have always done.

The old saying, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you got.” Bear in mind, though, that if you keep doing what you already are doing you are also making a decision and are also taking a risk.


You are risking staying in the same old rut without any hope of realizing a new dream. Nothing changes if you never take action, if you never make that decision.

You will never find a new career or life that simply finds you and takes you away without some risk.

Winning The Lotto

It is similar to waiting at home for the door bell to ring and hoping that it is a special letter telling you that you just won several million dollars – it won’t happen unless you had taken action by buying a lottery ticket.

Wisdom of A Saying

The wisdom of the old adage comes to mind, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

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