Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “A jealous friend” Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.

A jealous friend

Jealousy is one of the human weaknesses which is very common. It is very doubtful if animals have got jealousy; they may not for they don’t have the feeling as we, humans, have.

Let us suppose that two friends start on a similar mission. But after sometime one returns successful and wins the Kudos. The other is a miserable failure and so is crestfallen. When the latter meets the former glowing with recent success, he is jealous and would not freely talk or even would not have the mind to congratulate the other. He keeps himself morose and tries to avoid company. He doesn’t even enjoy the old jokes. He avoids to speak of the other’s success and does not like others speaking of it.

He may even go to the extent of thinking that the friend has kept certain things that led to his success a secret from him. That means he suspects of the fidelity or sincerity of the friend. He may sometimes openly say that the friend has let him down because of his selfishness. He would slight the success saying that it was only chance that made his friend successful. As a friend, while it is natural to expect of him to celebrate the success and to lead the party, he would avoid it and whenever there is such an occasion he would quietly hang at the back.

He would assume that he is being neglected because his friend has been successful and may even voice it out. He would go on saying now that the friend has been successful and he doesn’t care for him like the old days. What need has he for him now ? He would even go to the extent of thinking imaginary contributions he has made for the success of the other. If it had not been for him, his friend would not have been successful.

This is all because this fellow cannot reach the same height as the other fellow. If the other one is as enlightened and outgoing he can easily make up; otherwise the jealousy may lead to a permanent rift. This sort of jealousy is more common among women folk than men folk.

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