Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “A Picnic” Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduation Exams.

A Picnic


Picnic is one thing that we all look forward to. When it was announced in class that we would be going for a picnic next week, we were all excited and happy and started discussions and preparations for the picnic. It was decided that we would go to the park and museum for the picnic.

On the day of the picnic, I woke up very early and was all excited to be going. My mother packed for me lots of food items for my friends also and put them all neatly in a picnic bag. On reaching school, all of us were very much excited and happy and had lots of food with all of us.

We boarded the school bus to go and we had two teachers who were accompanying us. We started the journey and it was so much fun. We sang in the bus and enjoyed. We first went to the museum. There we saw many monuments and other items that were related for our studies. The teachers and museum guard explained to us what each one was and it was very much informative to be there.

Then we took a small break. We had snacks and played for some time. Then we were all asked to board the bus once again and we all headed to the park, which we were all waiting for. At the park, we played lots of games and we were also instructed not to go far and be alone.

Along with friends, we played a lot on all the games in the park and had lots of fun. After all the games, the teachers asked us to take rest. Under the shade of a big tree, we all rested and had our lunch. With all of us brining in so much food, we all shared the food and had to our full.

Once we finished lunch, it was time for us to return back. We all boarded the bus and the teachers checked if all of us were there and then we returned back to school. It was great fun and lots of enjoyment that we had and I really enjoyed the picnic from school that we had.



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