Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “ My immediate neighbors” Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.

My immediate neighbors

I live in the new Woodlands housing estate. The neighborhood is clean and safe and the people living there are friendly.

My immediate neighbors, the Richards, are a Eurasian family. They are a very friendly and social people. The Richards have two children, a boy and a girl. The boy, Henry, is fifteen years old and his sister, Jasmine is a year younger than he.

Mr. Richards is a tall man with dark brown hair and striking blue eyes. He is in his late thirties and runs a computer shop that retails personal computers that carries his personal brand and he also provides technical support for his customers.

Mrs. Richards is a few years younger than her husband. She is a very pretty woman with long blonde hair that flows down her back in thick curls. She works with her husband at his shop and is somewhat an expert herself on the computer.

Henry is a good-looking lad who is very keen in sports. He is very athletic and likes to play soccer and basketball. He has taken part in many track and field competitions at school and is proud of the many trophies he has won. He also plays soccer with his school team. Henry is also a very good student. He studies hard and gets good grades in examinations.

Jasmine is a pretty girl who takes after her brother. She also loves sports, albeit as a spectator rather than a participant. She is also studious and does well in her studies.

My neighbors often drop in at our house on Sundays and we enjoy their company and friendship. As you can see, we have very good neighbors who are friendly and trustworthy. I would not want to swap neighbors for anything !SA

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