Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Should a factory be built in your community?” Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduation Exams.

Should a factory be built in your community?

As the company has announced to build a factory right here in our community, I am so eager to say a few words toward this issue. I really think that if the plan is carried out in the near feature finally, there will be much more disadvantages than advantages to be brought to the quality life of our social community.

Of course, during these years’ high unemployment rate, introducing of such a large factory will consume unemployed workforce in some respects. A family may increase their income by taking account of its new employed father during or after the construction of the factory, local government can increase its tax income and retail dealers of our community may sell a little more because of the increasing of population that may be the result of the new build factory. However, all these benefits may seem to be so small when compared with all those disadvantages the new build factory may lead to.

The most hateful thing is that you may not able to smell the fresh air in the sunny Sunday mornings because this huge industrial monster will probably deliver a great deal of waste fume and waste materials every day, far more than the amount you can imagine. And far more disappointed than this, those rumbling, non-stopping stream lines in the factory can make noises loud enough to bereave people of our tranquil town out of sweat dreams.

And you will no doubt feel uncomfortable to drive your family to the camping place because maybe the establishment of the new factory will bring more than 20% increases in population as well 30% increases in using of private cars and trucks, imaging how could it be in the street in rush hours, or even in the holidays. So, you can see clearly that increasing in population is not always good news for a small community like ours.

Basic food prices may probably rise and public transportation will burden more, which usually means poor services, public schools and community facilities which once made us feel so convenient living in this small town may get harder and harder to be attended or utilized as the increasing of population, upon all those disadvantages, why should we give applauses to the announcement of the company?

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