Good Manners and Their Benefit Essay for Students, Short essay 200 words.

Good Manners and Their Benefit

Good Manners Essay

Good Manners Essay

Good manners speak of a man’s culture and upbringing. Those with good manners easily win praise and love from others. Good manners are judged-by one’s behaviour towards others. An ill-mannered and uncultured person is not liked by anyone.

Good manners are taught in the family and school. Good manners go a long way to make a man a success. They make a man look dignified.

Good manners depend on family traditions and background. First of all, a child learns how to speak or behave with others in his family atmosphere. A good-mannered boy should not speak loudly. He must speak softly and respectfully. The essence of good mannerly behaviour is the consideration shown to others.

Good mannered persons are liked by all. A well-behaved boy should be helpful to others. He should not criticize others. He never concentrates on others fault but tries to remove his own. Such a boy offers all help to the weaker section of our society. He is one who offers his seat to aged persons, women and children in the bus, etc.’ He always tries to keep others happy and comfortable. A good-mannered boy is a darling to even strangers.

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