Paragraph, Essay and Speech on “A train journey” Paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.

A train journey


I had a great fascination for a train journey. I had been planning for a train journey for many days. I was requesting my parents and I was eagerly waiting for the opportunity. At last this opportunity came to me. They decided that they would go to my uncle’s houses at Rajshahi by train. They were agreed to take me with them. I was very happy. Anyway, on the day of journey I got up very early in the morning. We left our house before. 7. Am. because we had to catch the train at 8.00 is. We reached the Kamalapur station in time and got into the train. Before starting the train blew its whistle. Then it began to move. I was thrilled. I began to see the crops field, green sights of the villages, different types of people through window. It was my first train journey. So I enjoyed it much. I would never forget it.


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