Paragraph, Essay and Speech on “An Export fair” Paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.


An Export fair



An export fair is a fair for the display of industrial goods to the foreign buyers to make them acquainted with the export of a country. An export fair is normally held once a year at a large open site in the capital of a country. The government makes all necessary arrangements to hold the fair. A high powered committee is formed for the purpose. Wide circulation is made through advertisement in the national and international dailies to draw the attention of the industrialists and producers of moose and abroad. Friendly countries are formally invited to install stalls for the exhibition for their exportable items of goods. Accordingly the stalls are arranged, the people of the host country get an opportunity to know about their culture, manner and custom. It is a source of joy and recreation to the people of the host country. The businessmen and the industrialists of the host country know their counterparts. It gives the host country a good scope to display her products and draw the attention of the importers.



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