Paragraph, Essay and Speech on “Old Age” Paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.


Old Age


Helplessness of old age: When a man reaches the dusk of his life he needs care and emotional sustenance. But unfortunately in most cases these are hopelessly absent.


Far from being treated honorably they are looked upon as unwanted burden and often they are the helpless victims of neglect.


Even when their sons are financially established they desert their parents, leaving them to fend for themselves. Sometimes to keep their body and soul together the old men have to beg.


Infirmities of old age: A man or a woman gets old under the inexorable law of nature. Old age comes over a person silently.


In course of time his physical charms start ebbing.

He is physically weak and infirm.

His mental alertness fails him.

His vision gets blurred.

His memory gets blunted.

His hair turns grey.

His auditory organs get feeble.

People then call him superannuated.


Old age pension: In Europe and America the old people are called senior citizens for obvious reasons. In civilized countries, including India, when the working people reach the autumn of life they are pensioned off, so that they may live honorably.


But those who have no pension are compelled to carry on their pathetic existence on the charity of others. Even pensioners sometimes take shelter in Old Age Homes to avoid the harsh treatments of their own families.

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