Paragraph, Essay and Speech on “Some funny people I have met” Paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.

Some funny people I have met

The first funny person that comes to mind is a man who sits on the branch of a tree by a road and shouts at the cars that pass by. He is mad of course but it still is strange that a madman should shout at passing cars. He never seems to notice me somehow when I pass by on my bicycle. For him it is only cars. He shouts with such gusto and pleasure. I always laugh when I see him at it.

Then there is this man in baggy shorts and Japanese slippers who rides his motorcycle with only the right side of his buttocks on the seat. The left side hangs out. This makes his motorcycle lean at an awkward angle as though he is about to fall, but he does not. Perhaps he has a large boil on the left side of his buttocks. Whatever the reason, I have seen him ride the way he does many times. He looks so funny, but dangerous.

Running a sundry shop near my house is a short and stout man whose body shape and movements resemble that of a penguin. I do not mean to be derogatory but he always reminds me of that bird. However he runs his shop well and I get a lot of things from him.

Finally there is a dandy who dresses in the most outrageous outfits I have ever seen. The colour combination he chooses for his clothes are, to say the least, horrible. Only he dares to wear a purple shirt with green trousers and a pink tie. Often I see running around on his motorcycle wearing those loud clothes. He works as a salesman for some company. Perhaps those clothes help him to get, or maybe shock, customers.  

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