The Cinema Essay for Students, Short essay 220 words.

The Cinema Essay

The Cinema Essay

The Cinema

The cinema is the most powerful medium of entertainment of the people. It makes actors and actresses appear live on the screen. We are grateful to the American scientist, Edison who invented this technique known as Cinematography. Now cinema has become an integral part of our lives and no celebration is complete unless we see cinema. Its famous actors like Ashok Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor and Amitabh Bacchan have become legends. They are heroes for us.

The cinema is a very useful medium of entertainment. It gives us enjoyment and refreshes our mind. It is also a means of education as it gives us useful information. This information casts better influence on us than even books.

The cinema has great educational, social, moral and historical importance for this reason. It gives us the message to fight against many ills and thus bring better order in the society. The children can enjoy good scenery and stories depicted on the screen.

The cinema provides us good rest and relaxation. But like any other powerful medium, it can cast adverse influence also. That is why the Government has appointed Censor Board to check what is good or bad. Its scenes cast better impression on mind than the lessons taught in the class rooms. All people love viewing the cinema.

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