The Postman Essay for Students, Short essay 200 words.

The Postman

The Postman Essay

The Postman Essay

A postman is a useful public servant. He is welcome everywhere because he brings letters from friends and relatives. He delivers parcels and money orders, etc. Without the services of a postman, life would be paralysed to a great extent.

A postman can be seen here and there delivering the mail to the addresses. He wears khaki uniform. He can be seen riding a bicycle. He carries the letters in his bag. His work is full of difficulties. He arranges the letters in order. He goes from door to door to distribute the letter and money-orders. He brings the good and bad news from the relatives. A postman’s duty is to deliver the letter, parcels, money orders etc.

His duties are ye, hard. He has to work under scorching sun and pouring rains. His job is very tough. He reaches for his duty at right time. He is a useful member of the society. He has to keep smiling against all odds. We should respect him for his hard labour.

With the coming up of courier services, e-mail system, the postmen are losing then charm. People have started sending their mails through computers. In the present circumstances, the future of postman is not bright.

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