English Short Story “Greed is Bad” English Story for Class 10 and Class 12

Greed is Bad

There lived a farmer named Somu. He was very poor. He had no land to earn money. He had only beautiful hen with golden wings.  Somu loved his hen very much.

His hen used to lay one golden egg every day. By selling the golden eggs Somu was able to get good money. Soon Somu got married.

His wife Charu was beautiful but she was very greedy. She did not want to feed the hen well. Still the hen laid one golden egg every day. One day she said to Somu, “Dear Somu, our hen lays one egg daily. You see, we are very poor. If we cut the hen’s stomach, we can get all eggs at a time. So when we sell so many eggs at a time, we shall become rich.”

Somu agreed to her idea. Next morning when  the hen gave one egg Somu’s wife came forward with a sharp knife and slit the hen’s stomach to get the rest of the eggs.

But their grief knew no bounds when they found that there were no eggs in the hen’s stomach. Their hen had died and now they would not get even  a single golden egg. They were repenting. They became poorer than before.

It is rightly said that one should be satisfied with what one has.

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