CBSE Science Projects of the Theme “Community Health & Environment”.

1. Sewer Maintenance Bot

2. Fit and Fun Home Made Multi Gym – The Health Facilitator

3. No Use- Make it use

4. Pulley Game

5. Eco Friendly Electricity

6. Nirogya

7. Arise, Awake, Empower: Combat HIV/AIDS

8. Surgical Robotic Arm

9.  Hybrid Desiccant Cooling Systems.  Hybrid Desiccant Cooling Systems
10.  Solar Powered Air Cooled Jacket for Traffic Police   
11.  Jeevanrekha Express
12.  Control Global Environmental Issues 
13.  Treating Sewage with Sewage
14.  Blowing fires by Blasting Sound: Extinguishing fire using Acoustic Fields  
15.  To Detect the presence of Urinary Tract Infections
16.  About the bin  

17. Ecological Sanitation (ECOSAN TOILETS)

18. Green Roof

19. Medicard (e-Health and telemedicine)

20. SpiruMoringa

21. Green Energy Clean Energy

22. Medical Web

23. Wheat Grass: a wonder grass

24. Health and Wellness Concern: Learning from the past

25. To control Industrial air & water pollution

26. Waste management and recycling

27. Industrial waste Management


CBSE Science Projects of the Theme “Industry”.


1. Best Electricity Generation Programme

2. Antioxidant Activity of Banana Peel

3. Herbal Medicine to Cure Burns & Stem Cells for Skin Repair

4. Comparative study on prevalence different disaster

5. Plants are Rich Reservoirs of Phenols

6. To produce electricity without any investment Project

7. Nut Cracker Project

8. Management of Kitchen Waste of Hotels and Restaurants

9. Optimum use of Industrial Exhausts gases

10. Sagar Manthan-Oil spill collector

11. Ribbon retting-a cost effective and eco friendly technique

12. Robo Cleaner

13. Electricity from the Pond

14. Cheap Refrigeration System

15. Energy Conservation through‘Sewage Treatment Plant’

16. Recycling of Fly Ash Project

17. Plastic to fuel

18. Reuse of waste and phytoextraction

19. Green Industry

20. Working Principle of a Particle Accelerator

21. Fluorescence Quenching of Metal Nanoclusters

22.  Coconut Husk Natural Fibers
23.  Alternative Low-Cost Building Material
24.  Fly ash aggregates 
25.  Effluent Treatment
26.  Wireless Transmission of Electricity – “ARUPA”
27.  Mercury Absorbing Papers
28.  Waste Plastic to Oil Unit
29.  Self-Sustaining Thermoelectric Refrigeration system

30. Water Purifier

31. The Natural invaluable product to improve immune system

32. Conversion of plastic waste into useful fuels

33. Table Fan Air Conditioner

34. Control the soil pollution arising due to plastic waste

35. Garbage Management

36. Light Weight tiles from Flyash

37. A step to dispose kitchen and hotel waste

38. Advanced Robotic Technology

39. Husk Power Generation



CBSE Science Projects of the Theme “Mathematics in Everyday Life”.

1. Application of Vedic Mathematics in Modern Mathematics

2. Wonder Parking

3. Mechanical Binary Adder

4. Parking Management

5. Queuing Theory

6. Mathematically Drained

7. Honeycomb Mathematics

8. Fractal

9. Bloody Trigonometry

10. Efficient Usage of Fuel

11. To Minimize the Transportation Cost from Several Areas of City to Three Schools

12. Maximum Utilization of Car Parking Space

13. Mathematics and Everyday Life

14. Bridges –A Mathematical Approach

15. Environmental Wobbling Wall of Nine Cubes

16. Linear Programming

17. Mathematics in Neurons

18. Photometer

19. Math World

20. Applications of Mathematics in Decorating Home

21. Mathematically Modeling of an Infectious Disease, Epidemic

22. Aeronautical Navigation


23. Minimizing Transportation Cost using the Concepts


CBSE Science Projects of the Theme “Agriculture and Food Security”.


1. Agri Robo

2. Eco-Green Farm

3. Backyard Farming

4. Stuffed but Starved

5. To Study the Effectiveness of Natural Insect Repellents

6. Compact Farming Vehicle

7. Tissue Culture in Date Palm

8. Organic Chemical Capsule

9. The Magic of Fenugreek

10. Eco-Friendly Pest Controller

11. “X=1” Evergreen

12. Solar Heater with Storage Facility

13. Soil Moisture Sensor

14. All in one Cyclo farmer

15. Jal Amrit Bana Mrit Jal, Aao de – Amrit ko Navjeevan!

16. Agriculture & Food Security

17. Dayitva (Ver-responsibility)

18. Pragmatic Agronomy

19. Innovative and Conservative Agriculture

20. Utilization of Local Plant Life and Cow Products in Organic Farming

21. Flood Water Harvesting


CBSE Science Projects of the Theme “Disaster Management”.


1. Nature‟s Fury Unleashed – Fighting Floods

2. Pulse Pipe (an early warning system for a land slide)

3. HS Craft

4. Disaster Management through Remote Sensing

5. Combat and Mitigate Disaster

6. Fiasco Salvadore, The Disaster Saviours

7. Iconic Life Savers.

8. Various Methods to Reduce the Effect of Earthquake.

9. Use of Geo-Stationary Satellites in Disaster Management

10. Gas Sensing Multipurpose Robot

11. Train Anti Collision Device

12. Ultrasound Fog Lamp

13. Earthquake Management

14. Storm Alarm from Leeches

15. How Good are Your Earthquake Safety Skills

16. Nuclear Radiation Control

17. Tsunami – A step to control destruction

18. Tripod R C Helicopter [TRI-COPTER]

19. Anti Collision Device

20. Earthquake Resistant House

21. Fighting Disasters in Cities


CBSE Science Projects of the Theme “Energy Resource & Conservation”.

1. Energy Efficient Refrigerator-Cum-Cooler

2. Vapour Tor Q – phase change energy converter

3. Microbial Fuel Cell

4. The Unique Kundi Bhandara

5. Energy Conservation at LAHS

6. Magenn Air Rotor System

7. Power Efficient Blade Designing

8. Conversion of Mechanical Energy into Electrical (Electro Breakers)

9. Hydraulic Power/ Innovative designs of Internal Combustion Engine which can function on Hydro Energy

10. Production of Bio-fuel from Algae

11. Generation of Electrical Energy from Mechanical Energy Using the Indian Railways.

12. Green – Aero Technology

13. Electro Magnetic Speed Breaker

14. Robotic Car

15. DUDE (Desktop powered UPS powers the Desktop)

16. Bio Watt

17. Trike-the Future Air Car (Compressed Air Vehicle)

18. Biodiesel Production at HDME

19. Greenpex

20. Village In 2050

21. Light Intensity Dependent Lamp

22. Power Generation E- Novation

23. Solar Up Draft Tower

24. A more Eco-friendly Substitute to Conventional Electric Cars

25. Green Building Which Harvests Energy, Water and Materials

26. Regenerating Breaking system

27. Zero Energy Refrigerators

28. Electro Chemical Submarine

29. Wireless Energy Transmission (WET)

30. Energy Storage and Generator

31. Sowing the Seeds of Water Conservation

32. Electricity from Combined Effects of Gravitation and Magnetism

33. An Abode in Adobe: Green Architecture

34. Biodiesel from Chicken Feather Meal

35. Solar Up draught Tower & Solar Air Conditioning (Solar chimney)

36. Shundakar

37. Production of Biodiesel from Waste Vegetable Oil & Production of Bio-Methanol for this production

38. Production of Low Cost Bio- Candle

39. Conversion of Sound Energy into Electrical Energy

40. Energy from Reed Grass

41. Low Cost Water Lifting Device

42. Can Earth be Earth? Making the world – Green, Efficient and Safe

43. Green Energy Portal, Science, Society & Environment

44. Zero Energy City

45. Generation of Electricity through Drain Water (Waste Management) and its further Utilities

46. Walking Charger

47. Liquid Fluoride Thorium Breeder Reactor


CBSE Science Projects of the Theme “Health”.



1. Herbal Bandage and Blood Sugar Controller

2. Anti-Bacterial Properties of Piper Betel (PAAN): A forgotten Boon

3. Gene Therapy – The Future Cancer Treatment

4. Household Tips to Check and Control Milk –Adulteration

5. Optical Sunlight and Health concern

6. CT – Scan Machine and Innovation

7. Air Ionizer

8. Larvasonics

9. Sensorineural Hearing Loss near – It Vibration

10. Reactive Oxygen Species and Cancer

11. Effects of Fluorides

12. Universal Aid for Visually Impaired

13. Biomedical Application of Nano-Fibers – Drug Delivery using Nano-fibers

14. Smart Wheel Chair (SYNTAX)

15. Childhood Obesity – An Action Research

16. Dental Pulp Stem Cell – A gift of smile

17. Vasundhara – A Green Techno City

18. Dust Collector

19. Eggs – A Healthy Diet Making Instant Egg Powders

20. Allopathy Vs. Homeopathy Vs. Ayurveda

21. Malaria – Effect and Prevention with Emphasis on Biological Control of Mosquitoes



CBSE Science Projects of the Theme “Information and Education Technology”.

1. Security System

2. Saving Wildlife is Sawing Earth 2013

3. Energy Economizer

4. Ray Diagram Optics Kit


6. Cymatics –Tonoscope

7. Bhartiya Economy Master (A Global Solution for Black Money, Corruption and Terrorism)

8. Software to give Access

9. Paper Panels

10. Educational Project

11. Dairy Master Software

12. Toy Teacher

13. Computer Controlled Home (Smart Home)

14. Application in education, tool in future

15. Faraday’s stick

16. My Learning Bench

17. Make Science Easy for Students

18. Humandroid

19. Hydraulic Job

20. The Smart Pen

21. MagRail

22. Actourney

23. Brialle Printer

24. Remote Access of Electronic Gadgets

25. Cyber World (IT HUB)

26. Destination School – The Game


CBSE Science Projects of the Theme “Mathematics Modelling”.

1. An Architectural Bliss forTackling Concrete

2. Sight the Height

3. Predicting the Path of a Satellite

4. Generate complex and functional patterns of communication

5. Environmental Diseases

6. Ant colony optimization

7. Mathematical Modeling in Solid Waste Management

8. Appropriate calculation of waste disposal cost

9. Use of mathematical modelling in

10. Working Investigation/Findings

11. Modelling the Spread of Forest Fire in Simlipal National Park

12. Mathematical modeling to predict orbital paths of comets, meteors and minor planets

13. Toaccurately estimate adults heart rate

14. To remodify the Rolling bridge with an reduced area occupation

15. The Live Universe

16. Mathematics in conserving natural resources

17. Sunken Treasure

18. Geobriliant

19. Application of Mathematics in Sports

20. Train Routing Model

21. Train Routing Model Mathematical calculations

22. A safe and efficient evacuation scheme

23. Eco Sensitive City

24. Mathematicial Modelling in the working of Brain Cells

25. Solar Power: Energy of Future

26. Hexa-Parking Lot—Less Area More Space

27. Different rates of vibration

28. Maths – A Safety Hub

29. Math-E-Magical Park Homes

30. To reduce the percentage of Arsenic in water


CBSE Science Projects of the Theme “Transport & Communication”.


1. Alarming System

2. Under Water Diving Bot (A Mechanical Device)

3. Hydraulic Crane

4. Hovercraft

5. Sensing natural disaster condition immediately

6. TECHNO TRACK (Safety in the hands of technolog

7. Helmet 2020

8. Intra-city transport easier

9. Intelligent Traffic Control System

10. Magnetic Tricycle

11. The Theory Of Tilting Train

12. Conversion of wind Energy to Electrical Energy

13. Utilising the concept of steam engines

14. Janatha A.C (Air Cooled) Coach

15. Convertible Airfoil

16. To conserve fuel and environment.

17. Ultrasonic waves

18. Electric Helicopter

19. Fuel of the Future – Solar and salt water based powered engine

20. Inverted QUADROTOR and its MAVs for

21. Explore beyond Horizon

22. To run a train on electricity generated by it.

23. The Odometer

24. Low Cost Rocket Engine (1st Stage)

25. Magnetic Train

26. Recycled Engine for Car

27. Revolutionary Car

28. The path finding four sensor stick for the blind and bus identifier

29. E–3 Kart

30. Better Transportation and Communication

31. Dream of Indian Railways

32. Magnetism and its applictions

33. Axonometric

34. Toll Plaza Lane Indicator

35. Electromagnetism- Catch Terrorists and Thieves

36. Helium Bird Pollution-free designs for other vehicles

37. Traffic jam Problem Solution

38. Solar Roads & ANPR – A Vision for the Future


CBSE Science Projects of the Theme “Environmental Issue and Concerns”.

1. Eco-village

2. A Modified Radio Collar with Enhanced Functions

3. Samari Tanology

4. Akshat

5. Environmental Renovation through Sustainable Practices

6. S-Pesticides

7. Green Building

8. Eco friendly- E-bicycle

9. Oil spill – skimmer

10. Application of Some Algae to Combat Global Warming

11. Ozonator

12. Wonder Polymers –from trash to ties and rags to bridge

13. Removal of Heavy Metals from Waste Water

14. Eutrophication & Pollution

15. ECO- Friendly Transportation

16. Eradication through Utilization

17. Loving Nature and Empathizing with Mother Earth will Saveour Climate

18. Indoor Air Quality

19. Our Answers to the Rising Global Environmental Issues

20. Underground A.C. (Eco- Friendly A.C.)

21. Future Plastic (Bio- degradable)

22. Portable Cooler

23. Water from Atmosphere

24. Env+ No Fuel Car

25. CO2 sequestration in a Re-engineering way. A novel solution to create an alternate energy change

26. Electricity from Noise Pollution

27. Sustainable uses of Waste Chicken Feathers

28. Effective use of Drainage water

29. Environmental Issues and Concerns (Controlling industrial pollution)

30. Protection of People from Ceaseless Coal Fire, in Jharia Mines, Dhanbad

31. Eco Friendly Way


CBSE Science Projects of the Theme “Natural Resource & their Conservation”.

1. Solar Water Distillation & Purification Unit

2. Recycling of sewage water with generation of electricity.

3. Compressed Dry Leaf Board

4. Alguel (Algae as Fuel)

5. Virtue of garbage: Electronic pen

6. Briquette Charcoal

7. My Generation Generates Energy My Way

8. Recycling of Waste Material

9. Automatic Irrigation System

10. Environment Friendly Building

11. Solar Cycle-Cum-Plough

12. Green buildings – E-3 buildings

13. Aeroponics

14. Energy harvesting

15. Portable Solar Cooker

16. Vertical axis wind turbine

17. Recycling of Solid and Liquid Waste

18. Green Caliper

19. Garbage Separator


21. Bio Reator Algae

22. Water- the elixir of life

23. Solar Dryer

24. Eco Friendly House

25. Generation of electricity using pressure on mechanical bumpers

26. Multistoried Hydroponic Farming

27. Submersible water turbine

28. Kinetic Energy recovery system

29. Desalination of motor by the help of solar energy

30. Voodoo Sand

31. Traveller’s Wind mobile charger (integrated).

32. Black Gold Cultivation

33. Effective Use Of Solar Energy/Automated Street Light

34. The Engergy Saving Manual

35. Water sensitive urban design to mitigate water shortage

36. Solar Transport Solutions

37. Water level indicatoir

38. Multi Storey Farming / Agriculture

39. Go Green Below and Above the Pot

40. Redesigning the hydro electric and fractions

41. Treatment of Sewage/Impure Water Using Solar Energy

42. Water From Thin Air

43. X-Breaker 2100

44. Wind Energy

45. Production of biodiesel from algae.

46. Sea water use along coastal areas for raising mangrove

47. Green plastics from banana peel

48. Vehicular Air Pollution Control Device

49. Green Energy Device (GED)

50. THIRSTY WILD (Save tigers)

51. Wind powered mobile charger.

52. Eco-friendly energy efficient automated modern home.

53. Algae Powered Lithium Oxygen Battery

54. From deserts to forested havens

55. Edible and Biodegradable Styrofoam

56. Base Isolation Technique

57. To control loss of natural resources

58. Sterling Engine

59. Zero Energy Buildings in India

60. MotorGen Technology

61. Sand Dune Stabilization

62. Going Beyond Green Chemistry

63. Designing of Machine for manufacturing

64. Conservation and Preservation of Soil and Water Resources

65. Electricity production from speed breakers

66. PIR (passive infrared) sensor

67. Thermo Electric Generator

68. Methods to control land pollution

69. Organic – 5

70. Low Space Urban Farming

71. Sustainable city

72. Green Building Control air Pollution.

73. Solar Water Heater from Waste

74. Polluting Polymers and their use in constructing Roads

75. Hybrid Boat

76. Ecotrocity

77. Energy from Wastes in Self Sustainable Village

78. Eco-Friendly Heat Exchanger

79. Pesticides in agriculture

80. Water Conservation

81. Solar energy: A boom for human race

82. Saving Natural Resources

83. Future is powered by us

84. Conservation of Natural Resources

85. Natural Resources and their Conservation

86. Recycling of water, waste material

87. Polythene Utilization Plant

88. Biofuel – The future fuel