English Short Story “Midas Touch” English Story for Class 10 and Class 12

Midas Touch

There was a kind named  Midas. He had enormous riches. His kingdom was very large and wide. But the was not satisfied with his wealth and kingdom. He wanted to be more wealthy and extend his kingdom to farther limits.

King Midas had a lovely young daughter. He loved her very much. She was the apple of his eyes. He wanted to marry her to a prince worthy of her in all respects. But before has daughter’s marriage, he wanted to have more riches.

In order to have  more, king Midas started praying God. He continuously prayed for many days without  taking food and water. God was pleased with his prayer. He appeared before Midas and said to him, “You have got everything in the world. What is it that you want to get from me now? I am pleased with you so I shall fulfill your desire.”

Midas said, “ I wish to have lots and lots of wealth. Please bless me that whatever I touch , shall become gold.”

God said, “Have you pondered over your wish?”

Midas said happily, “Oh yes, My Lord, I have given a serious thought to my wish. In fact, I have thought about it for a long time. Please fulfil it.”

God said, “All right! I grant you your wish.” Saying so god disappeared.

Midas was overjoyed. He began moving around in the place and touching everything happily. Everything he touched became gold. He was deriving utmost satisfaction from the situation.  Suddenly he realized that he hadn’t eaten anything for days together and was feeling terribly hungry. He clapped. The servants came running. King Midas asked them to bring food for him.

As soon as he touched the food to eat, it turned into gold. The king was filled with horror and surprise. Now he realized why God had asked him to ponder over his wish. He was able to understand the gravity of the situation. He was able to understand the gravity of the situation. He was feeling hungry and he could not eat anything. What he took to be a boon, turned out to be a curse for him. King Midas  became perplexed. He was so confused that when his daughter came to him , he, very unmindfully, picked her up; and lo! His daughter too turned into gold.

Now this was something more than too much. He began crying in disgust. But nothing could be done; and who was to be blamed? He had asked for the boon himself. He began praying fervently. After a long wait God appeared before him and said, “what is it that you want now? I have already fulfilled your wish.”

“No God, please forgive me,” Midas fell in the feet of God and continued saying , “I do not want any such thing. Please make me free form the curse. O God! My greed for riches had made me blind. And please see the result. Look at my daughter! She has turned into gold. Please revert me to my former state.”

God said, “All right,” and disappeared. Now Midas was happy with his riches and kingdom; and he was all the more happy to see his daughter playing in his lap.

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