English Short Story “The Dog, The Cockerel and the Fox” English Story for Class 10 and Class 12

The Dog, The Cockerel and the Fox

A dog and a cockerel were travelling together. When the night fell the cockerel took rest, up in a tree, and his fried, the dog , settled down at the ground. Just before the daybreak the cockerel crowed. The fox heard it and he came down rushing to the tree and said, “What a sweet voice! Come down, we shall celebrate it together.” 

“Thank you!” replied the cockerel. “But, I am helpless. There is the doorman lying down base of the tree. I cannot come down until he wakes up” “I will wake him up”, said the fox and howled in the ear of the dog.

The dog woke up, barked and the fox fled.

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