English Short Story “The Son of A Pot” English Story for Class 10 and Class 12

The Son of A Pot

“Could you please lend me a pot for storing milk?” the woman asked her neighbour.

The neighbour gladly gave her a pot. The woman returned the pot next morning, together with a very small pot, and said, “Look! How beautiful is the son of your pot!” her neighbour was happy to have the son of his pot.

After a few months the woman again borrowed the pot. But when she failed to return, her neighbour asked her to return it. The woman expressed her sorrow and said, “Your pot is dead.” “What nonsense! How can a pot die?”
“Why not!” the woman said, “ if a pot can give birth to a child, it can die also. This explains, why you did not put any questions, the day I gave you the son of your pot.”

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