English Short Story “Witty Kitten Saves Herself ” English Story for Class 10 and Class 12

Witty Kitten Saves Herself 

A stray dog lived on a road. He had become a stray dog because his master had turned him out of  his house. Food was scarcely available to him. He used to manage his food from the garbage in the streets. The scarcity of food had made him weak and physically infirm.

One day he was roaming around in the narrow lanes in search of food. He found one door open. He entered the courtyard of the house.

A kitten was playing in the courtyard. She was a pet of the house. The dog pounced on the kitten and caught her in his paws. He  held the kitten in his mouth and was about to carry her away when the kitten requested –

“Sir, please spare my life. I am too small to assuage your hunger. I request you to come after a few weeks; by that time I shall be grown up and healthy. And then I shall surrender myself before you. You will enjoy eating my flesh.”

 The dog liked the idea very much. He left the kitten and came out in search of food. After  three months, the dog passed that house.

He could smell the presence of a cat in the house. The cat was playing in the courtyard with a child. As soon as the child went inside the house, the dog said, “Friend kitten, now you have grown from a tiny kitten to a healthy and vibrant cat. Please come out fulfil your promise.”

As soon as the cat saw the dog, she jumped on to the outer wall of the house and said, “ I am not a fool to have a deal with you for my death. I am in a safe place now. You cannot reach me. So leave me and my house.’

The dog went back repenting for his foolish agreement with the kitten.

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