CBSE Science Exhibition Project Example Theme “Industry” Project “Water Purifier” Science Fair Project Class 10 and 12

Theme: Industry

Write Up:

Aim: To bring up a new technique capable of treating industrial and domestic waste water and creating a pure output capable of sustaining the thirst of common man. Scientific Principle: Using different electrical and chemical processes to treat effluent water from various sources.

Material Used: Ply wood, Foam sheets, Acrylic sheets, Waste materials, Plastic pipes, Brass fittings, Chart papers, Radium stickers.

Components of the model:

Equalization Tank: It refers to a holding tank that allows for equalization of flow. It can also be used as a staging area where chemicals, activated sludge, or other agents are added into the waste-water treatment process.

Lime dosing: Hydrated lime is dosed to raise the alkalinity and hardness and carbon dioxide (CO2) is added to lower the pH.

Filtration Unit: The dosed water is then pumped into the membrane filtration plant which helps in removing the solid particles like sand, pollens etc.

Aeration Tank: Aeration is the process of bringing water and air into close contact in order to remove dissolved gases, such as carbon dioxide, and to oxidize dissolved metals and also to remove volatile organic chemicals in the water.

Electro oxidation: Electro oxidation is an electrochemical process where an electric field is applied between special anodes and cathodes to treat the effluent flowing between them. The dissolved contaminants are oxidized at the surface of the electrodes.

Merits and application of the project:

This is a cost effective idea for the purification of water.

This idea can help in direct supply of potable water to residents.

It can purify waste water of any source like industries, sewage etc.

It can be implemented on a large scale in different industrial areas and cities.

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