CBSE Science Exhibition Project Example Theme “Industry” Project “Table Fan Air Conditioner ” Science Fair Project Class 10 and 12

Project Theme: Industry

Project Name : Table Fan Air Conditioner 

Today’s world is the “World of comforts”..!!

In this modern era everyone aspires for comforts and good standards of living. This is because man has been fully enveloped by the amazing gifts of science. One wishes to lead a happy and “easy” life. But this “easiness” doesn’t get to the hands that easily. One such example is the wish to install air conditioners in houses.

Principle: The important property of water of absorbing the ambient temperature while evaporating has been exploited to cool houses since the early ages. Even today the coolers based on evaporative technology use the above feature of water extensively.


A Table fan, an aquarium pump or a cooler pump

Copper coil tubing

Simple water pipes

Fittings & reducers to connect your copper coil to your water pipes and ultimately to the pump Wooden apparatus (not necessary) and an appropriate ice box


Power Effective: If the device works continuously for 10-11 Hrs, the power consumption is approximately 1 KWh.

Eco Friendly: No use of any harmful substance, PORTABLE- compact and easy to move.

NO LOSS OF WATER, REASONABLE AMOUNT OF ICE LASTS LONG- Ideal conditions require just about 2-3 Kgs ice per day.

Easy Assembling: Easily available components and easy apparatus, CONDENSED WATER CAN BE COLLECTEDAND IS PURE WATER- Many uses

Functional Even in Areas With High Humidity

Bulk Copper Corrosion is Prevented By Oxide Layer

(Table salt and vinegar combinations can be used to effectively clean the copper coil)

Less Maintainence Required

Some Modifications can turn this into an Exceptionally Better Device

Name of the School: Maheshwari Public School, Pratapnagar, Jaipur.

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