English Short Story and Moral Story “Learn to Look At Your Interiors” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Learn to Look At Your Interiors

Once all the hares held a meeting to express their grief over the ever-present danger of being killed and eaten up by men, birds dogs etc. So they decided to commit suicide by drowning themselves and went to a pool to carry out their plan. That pool was abounded by frogs. At that time, they were basking in the sun outside the pool. But on hearing the noises of the hares, they got scared and jumped into the pool to hide themselves under the water. But the hares caught sight of them. They were surprised to see what the frogs had done. Then an old hare cried out, “Let’s give up the idea of suicide. Haven’t you seen that some creatures are afraid of us too. They must be weaker and more timid than we are. If they haven’t chosen to commit suicide, then why should we?”

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