English Story and Moral Story “Hound and Hare” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Hound and Hare

A hare was playing happily on her own in a field, when suddenly a dog came bounding up to her. The hare squealed with terror, thinking that the hound would kill her. The great dog snapped at her with his teeth. The hare closed her eyes, expecting the worst. To her surprise, he dog did not bite her. Instead he stopped snapping at her. The hare opened her eyes and looked at the dog.

“ Come and play with me!“

invited the dog wagging his tail.

“ Certainly not!“

snapped the hare,

“ I wouldn‘t dream of it!“

“ Why not?“

asked the disappointed hound.

“ Because I don‘t know what to make of you“

replied the hare.

“ If you are my friend, why do you try to bite me, and if you are my enemy, why do you want to play with me?“

We would like people to show themselves to us as they really are.

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