English Story and Moral Story “Wolf And Goat” Story for kids, Primary Class, Class 10 and Class 12

Wolf And Goat

A hungry wolf saw a Goat nibbling grass at the top of a hill.

“ What a good dinner you would make!“

said the wolf to himself, licking his lips hungrily. He walked forward and looked longingly up at the goat. He was not nearly as good at climbing as the other animal. There was no way in which he would climb the cliff and eat the goat. Somehow he had to persuade the goat to come down.

“ Good morning, Madam Goat!“

he called out, putting out his best smile.

“ Please be careful. It‘s so high on that cliff, I should hate you to be hurt. I‘ll tell you what why don‘t you come down here where the grass is fresh and green! I speak to you as a friend!“

. The goat was not stupid. She looked down on the wolf and shook her head.

“ You can‘t trick me!“

she called down.

“ You don‘t care whether the grass I eat is fresh and green or dry or brown. All that you want to do is eat me!“


Look before you leap.

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