Paragraph, Essay and Speech on “ Country games” Paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.

Country games


Country games are the games which are played in the villages. The main country games are ha-du-du, dariabandha, kanamachhi, gollachhut, daguli, buddhimantra, six –guti, sixteen –guti, lathi-play, boat racing etc. Ha-du-du is a very popular game in Bangladesh. For this game at first a field is selected with a line in the middle dividing the field into two halves. All the players are divided into two teams. One player of a team goes across the middle line into the area of the other team all the while uttering ha-du-du or du-du-du without taking any breath. His object is to touch a player of the other team while he goes on uttering du-du-du and to come back to his own area without being caught, held back or seized within the area of the other team by any of its members. The player so touched is called dead. The player who is caught or held back within the area of the other team is also dead or of the other has some of it players still living , the former party so said to be defeated and the latter party wins a point. Dariabandha is another popular game of our village. In this game a field is made under certain rules equally divided with lines equal-distant from each other from and each of the players of the other team stands on each line facing at least one opponent player. Players standing outside enter onto the field one by and try to pass across the field to the finishing end. If any player of a team crosses the field from the starting point to the finishing point and vice-verasa, the team concerned wins the game. Kanamachhi is an interesting children’s game. A piece of cloth is tied over the eyes of a player. He cannot see through it. He is blind. Other players go round him and touch his head or his body and say kanamachhi bho- bho to him. He cannot see them but he catches somebody and says his name and that player takes his place to play as blind. Our country games are losing their popularity because today people are fond of western culture. They like to play football, cricket, badminton etc. in order to save our country games from being lost boys and girls should be encouraged to play the country games more and more.



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