Paragraph, Essay and Speech on “ Courtesy” Paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.





Courtesy means gentle behavior. It is said that courtesy costs nothing but brings a lot. One can easily win the heart of others by being courteous. It helps one to win the love and affection of elders, superiors and others. It helps one to earn respect and reverence of the Youngers. None can run and office or business smoothly without courtesy. The habit of courtesy should be cultivated from the very childhood. A polite person honour others fillings. She listens to the opinions of others and tries to evaluate them without any pride and prejudice. A courteous person never takes pride in him. Anybody with the sense of courtesy is respected by all. So, in order to shine in life courtesy is a must. We should be polite and gentle in our behavior with our friends, relatives and neighbours. We should be polite even with the strangers. We can never become great if we are not courteous. So we should cultivate the habit of courtesy from our very boy hood.

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