Paragraph, Essay and Speech on “Importance of Science in Everyday Life” Paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.


Importance of Science in Everyday Life


Paragraph : 01

Science has invaded every branch of modern life. It is the noise of machines, cars, mills and factories, etc. which awakens us every-day in the morning. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the books and papers we read, the recreations we enjoy, the games we play – all have something or other to do with the application of science.


Every person feels the effects of science in every sphere of life. It is not merely the electric light or the electric fan, the radio or the cinema that displays the power of science in our daily life, but everything we do or is done to us is in some way or another connected with science.


The things that we use in our daily life are mostly due to science. Our forefathers put on clothes woven by hand. Our clothes are made in large factories where scientific methods are used. We get so much paper to write on only because the piper mills can turn out huge quantities of it. Cloth and paper we had even before science came on the scene but no one could then think of the huge quantities in which they are produced now.


Science has conquered time and distance. We can travel from one place to another with a quickness which our forefathers could not have dreamt of. In the morning, we get news of events that happened yesterday in all parts of the world. Why should we talk of yesterday? With the help of the radio, we can listen to an American speaking. It would seem that he is before us and we are part of his audience. If we want to send a message to a person in America, we can send an email and he will get it in a few hours. If we want to speak to our friends far from us, there is the telephone that will connect us.


Effect of science of human life: It is, indeed, true that science has added tremen­dously to the comforts and conveniences of mankind. Unless one is an ascetic, one has no reason to reject the things science offers. By conquering time and distance science has brought mankind together and so far made life richer. By inventing medicines it has made our day-to-day existence relatively free from disease, and has, indeed, added to our length of life.


Examples of use of Science in everyday life: This fan and light works from the application of electricity. Electricity is one of the wonders of modern science. The bus which has an engine works with petroleum. The train is driven by the power of coal. This is possible only because of the application of science. My doctor gives certain injections and the patient soon well enough to come here. Medical science is another achievement of modern science, the marvel of medicine.


From the above, it is clear that science is playing an important part in our everyday life.


Disadvantages: But man has now become a slave of machines. His own creative power is gradually becoming weaker and weaker. He does not sing, he listens to the radio; he does not act, he sees the cinema; he does not ramble among the beauties of nature, he drives in a motor car over dusty roads.


Conclusion: It cannot be denied that there is some truth in the above criticism. But we cannot now go back to the old days. We should have all the comforts and conveniences, and we should try to improve upon them. But we must try to be masters of scientific appliances and not their slaves. We should make use of machines, but our life must not be mechanized. If we can do so, science will make our lives richer and in conquering. Nature man will also ennoble himself.


Paragraph : 02

Importance of Science


Science has undoubtedly been a great service for mankind. Man, a rational being has also been curious by nature and this is led to many discoveries being made in various parts of the world. Man is never satisfied with limited knowledge and has unraveled a number of mysteries in the universe. He has conquered the land and air.

His incredible lust for knowledge has revolutionised human life and raised the standard of life. He was been able to invent innumerable ways of making his life comfortable and happy. Every sphere of our life has been revolutionised by science.

One of the greatest inventions in science is the invention of medicines. There has been a series of tests carried out using animals as subjects and various medicines have been tried out on these animals to check their efficacy.

Many fatal diseases can now be cured because we have the drug to fight those diseases. It has reduced the infant mortality rate and increased the life span. Before the scientific age millions of people died for lack of medical care.

There are many machines that have made our lives very comfortable. Buses, cars, sewing machines, mixies, grinders etc. are all machines that are used every day by us and the discovery of electricity has made it possible for us to change night into day and summer into a comfortable cool winter.

Cultivation of fields has become much easier as we have tractors. New forms of irrigation are now being employed. It is easier to protect the crops because of the use of various chemicals and pesticides. Even mosquitoes can be driven away because of the discoveries made in science.

Science has enabled man to entertain himself in many ways. TV, radio, video and the cinema are all popular means of entertainment.

Besides entertainment they educate the masses. Today the computer has made life even more easy for us. The press, the means of communication. etc have all improved because of science and its great gifts to us.

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