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A Boat Trip on a Moon-Lit Night

Night in India are more pleasant than days. A moon-lit night in the month of October is very charming. To enjoy the sights of Nature, we had a trip by boat on the last night of October last.

Our college was closed. We were free from books. Two of my friends Suresh and Sharma pressed me to join them in a boat trip. We reached the bank of the River Rapti. We hired a small boat. A carpet was spread on the deck. We seated ourselves on it. We asked the boatman to row the boat slowly down the current.

A gentle breeze was blowing. Everything was bathed in the silvery light of the full moon. There was perfect peace all around. The moon was reflected in the water. It was a treat to the eyes to see one moon overhead and the other below us. The moon below appeared to be dancing and so did the stars. The field and the meadows smilling in the golden beams of the moon were giving us the idea of a fairyland. The green grass was strewn over with so many pearls. The moon light falling on the top of the trees was clothing them in a blaze of glory.

Shamim who is gifted with a sweet voice agreed to sing on our request. His sweet voice in accompaniment with the sweet tune of Suresh’s Flute was heart captivating. By this time we were far from our town. We now could see a few dim-lights of the distant village. Before long we heard the cries of the village watchman. Beware of thieves. The boatman rowed us upto village ferry. The villagers were all asleep. The boat was anchored.

Then we decided to sleep and pass the night in the boat. Next morning we returned home by bus. The memory of the beauties of nature seen the night is still fresh. Really it was pleasant trip.

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