Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Tourism” English Essays for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduation Exams.



Tourism is a growing industry in India. Hoteliering and tourism account for major foreign revenues of our nation. The declining value of the Rupee and a good image of India as an exotic tourist destination have boosted the tourism and hotel industries in India during the last decade.

It is surprising to note that small nations like Thailand, Hongkong, Malaysia, Seyshells, Mauritius and Indonesia have been able to do very well on the tourism front. India is the ancient cultural cradle of the world. It has fascinating tourist destinations like the Taj (Agra), Khajuraho Temples (Khajuraho), Marble mountains (Jabalpur), Gateway of India (Mumbai), Red fort and Qutab Minar (New Delhi), Amar Vilas Palace (Jaipur), Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary (Bharatpur), the cily of canals (Alleppey) and many attractive hill spots in the North. We Indians are also not aware of the beauty of our nation. Our ancient cities, lakes, mountains, palaces, temples, mosques, Almost every foreign tourist longs for a tryst with the beauty of India and loves to visit each and every corner of this vast nation.

Goa, Khajuraho, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, North Eastern states and Pondicherry are the most popular tourist destinations. Rajasthan is a paradise for the foreingers and this state offers a wide range of cultural and ethnic diversities to the visitors.

Foreign tourists are appalled at the state of Indian roads, hotels, motels, guide services, catering services, transportation services and environment of the Indian subcontient. We would have to provide four star amenities to the tourists at the prices of three-star standards. If we do not follow this norm, we would lose tourists, who would move to the USA, Europe, Japan, Hongkong, Thailand, Singapore, Mauritius and Seychells. These nations offer good quality rooms, food, liquor, entertainment and transportation at the most competitive prices. They follow international’ tourism norms in terms of hygiene, hospitality and catering. We do not follow these norms and this leads to apathetic attitudes to tourists towards India.

It is fortunate to note that tourism and hotel management have become serious subjects and vocations. The government and private institutions have launched many courses in hotel management and tourism. Tourism, professionals are required by tour operators and airlines. The airlines and sea cruisers also need hospitality staff. Finally, chefs are required around the world. Hotel professionals are also in great demand. This would boost the hotel industry and hence the economy.

The services of telecommunications, sea ferries sanitation, air travel, roads’ catering and tourist guides would have to be operated on professional grounds. The international agency IATA is doing well to promote and regulative air travel around the world. Government of India is also doing the best Participation of the private firms has also increased. However, a lot needs to be done in this crucial area. We can earn the much coveted foreign exchange through tourism and hotel industries. Our outlook and approach would have to be professionalized if we want to achieve concrete results in this fastest growing industry.

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