Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Democracy in India” English Essays for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduation Exams.

Democracy in India


Democracy is a government of the people. by the people, for the people. In a democratic form of government every adult, man or woman. has a vote. This vote has a great power. It can make or unmake a government.

In democracy, every grown-up person is interested in the affairs of the state. He has a freedom of speech. The voice of the majority is thought to be always in the right. Right or wrong, the majority rules.

In a democratic government there is a Parliamentary system. It is worked..on party basis. The party in majority is called upon to form the government. These parties are based on group interests.

The party system has its own defects. In India there are too many parties. Every party has turn-coats, who change sides for selfish motives. So corruption prevails and traitors take the advantage of the situation. This does not have good influence on the masses.

Democracies sometimes lead to dictatorships. It may be of one man or of one party. There have been in India benevolent dictators like Raja  Ram Chandra. But a benevolent party dictator was never heard of. 

In India today we have a democratic form of government It is running successfully inspite of the defects of democracy. The reason of this smooth running is that India has democratic traditions and in India the leaders are selfish. Pt. Nehru’s sacrifices are known to all. Mrs. Indira Gandhi is in no way inferior to her worthy father. The evil eyes of Pakistan and China also have made the Indians more democratic. They have sunk their differences. They now stand as one great nation.

In my opinion democracy is a success in India. The country is progressing in every way. The success of democracy depends upon the civic sense of the people. If they respect the laws, there would be peace and prosperity.


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