Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Students and Social Service” English Essays for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduation Exams.

Students and Social Service

Man is social by nature. He wishes to live in a society i that is healthy. To serve that society and to better its condition is the greatest wish of man. The student of today is the citizen of tomorrow. He is in the making. He should, therefore be given a chance to serve and better the society in which he lives.

In an Indian village there is a great field for social service. Gandhiji has set a very good example in Champaran. Students should go to villages and render social service there. This will be useful both for villages as well as for the students.

Students have only bookish knowledge. They must go to a neighbouring village. This will bring them in practical life. They will get a chance to tackle problems themselves. They will be required to employ their energy, mind and heart. This will develop in them the habit of thinking and working. They will get a chance to enjoy open air and to come close to villagers. They will know that, though uneducated, villagers are not wholly bad. By coming in contact with nature, their outlook will be widened.

Moreover, students will learn the dignity of labour. They will have team spirit. They will learn how to organise and to work in co-operation. They will spread among uneducated villagers not only literacy but the habit of living neat and dean and also. They will entertain the tired villagers with wise talks and magic lanterns. They will teach villagers the lesson of self-help and self-reliance.

The contact of city-bred students and villagers will not be a mere waste as many fear. There may be difficulties, for villagers are suspicious by nature. But the teacher who accompanies the team will gain confidence. Village women will be approached through girl-students. Hence social service, should he made a compulsory part of our education.


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