The Elephant Essay for Students, Short essay 200 words.

The Elephant

The elephant is the biggest animal on land. It is a very useful animal. It has religious importance. The people think it is a sign of happiness and welfare because it is symbolises Lord Ganesh.

In olden days, the elephant was used in war and battles. They were used to carry heavy guns and war materials. Many famous wars were fought with the help of elephants. The kings were fond of elephant riding. They were used in Royal processions.

The elephant is a four-legged animal. It has a short tail but two white tusks. Its trunk is long. It is able to pick up the smallest coin with the help of its trunk. Its tusks are used to make the costly decoration pieces. They are called ivory pieces. Its tusks are strong and costly. His eyes are small but ears are big like fans.

The elephants like to move in herds. They eat straw, twigs. fruit and sugarcane. They carry logs of wood to the river side. Assam and Kerala are famous for their elephants. The elephants are used in processions. The children like them very much and enjoy riding over them.

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