CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “Brialle Printer” Theme “Information and Education Technology” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Brialle Printer

Theme Name : Information and Education Technology

Objective: Make a BRAILLE PRINTER to make their life even more Comfortable

Scientific Principle involved: We at POLICE DAV have come up with the concept of a unique printer – A Braille Printer that would not only be easy to use but also easy on the pockets. We come up with the idea of using an ordinary printer (Dot Matrix Printer). The dot matrix printer usually contains a printing head with pins, a
roller and a ribbon. When the printing command is given the pins strike the paper (Ink ribbon is placed in between the paper and pins), placed on the roller. In this way the text (Dots) gets printed. To make a dot matrix printer work as a Braille printer we removed the ribbon in between the head and the paper .Roller is also removed and it is sheathed in a soft cover (we have used cycle tube for this) and we place roller back in its position. To get Braille printing, just type anything on MS Word, change its font to Braille (which is freely available on net ). If we give printing command , than it will print the mirror image of the letters but it can be solved by using 3D rotation feature of power point(180 degrees).Now give the print command. When the pins strike on paper, they would produce an emboss effect on the paper because of the cushion provided by the sheath on the roller.
We experimented with different types, thickness and qualities of paper. Aluminum foil paper gave best sense of reading for the blind. Based on the experiments done by us in lab, we conclude that font size of 24 gives the best embossed result. These embossed alphabets can then be felt on the paper and are easily readable for the blind.

Future scope of ghe project: This can be implemented in various blind institutions. Also as it’s manufacturing is very cheap, therefore it can be used commercially also.

Name of the School: Amity International School, Sector-46, Gurgaon.

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