CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “Ozonator” Theme “Environmental Issue and Concerns” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Ozonator

Theme Name : Environmental Issue and Concerns

Ozonator is a re-engineered form.

A robotic spacecraft fits in it with all the required instruments boosters and solar panels.

The booster’s guide it dawn to the stratosphere, where it opens up the Solarpanel for power.

Then the gas sensors select the amount of gater present in that region (%age of O3, CH4 and CFCO3).

Then the bans take air input to Zcolite Molecularsieves where the CP14, O3 and CFC are separated.

The CH4 is condensed into tanks. The CFC is also condensed in tanks.

The O2 is panel through a high voltage seculre where it gets converted to O3 (ozone).

The O3 is released where there is ozone hole and the CH4 and CFC is unloaded.

The CFC is changed in to HFC (Hydro fluoro carbon) by replacing chlorine (which destroys 10,000 O3 molecular, forming ozone hale) with hydrogen making it environment friendly.

The CH4 and CFC trapping reducer the green house effect and O3 generation pitcher up the ozone holler and the use of space delouse leans up the atmosphere and recycle it.

Microsoft excel has been used to develop the trench of the data value and Matlab R2011b has been used to simulator the whole model.

Later it can be connected with communication server for CG networking and camera for service.

Like carbon trading CFC extracting can be done to fund this projects.

Institutes like ISRO and NASA can get a common platform together.

Name of the School: DAV Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

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