CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “Water Conservation” Theme “Natural Resource & their Conservation” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Water Conservation

Theme Name : Natural Resource & their Conservation

Water conservation means:

1) Proper utilization of water i.e. minimizing its wastage

2) To catch or harvest even a single drop of Rainwater

3) Waste water treatment for reuse

In rural areas, people throw domestic waste in river water causing pollution. Certain new techniques should be introduced in village like Ecosan toilets.

These toilets are provided with concrete bottom so that these will be no contact between the human excreta & soil.

The villages must known rainwater harvesting techniques.

Farmers should opt for drip irrigation and sprinkles system in their fields for irrigation their crops. Moreover, MULCHING can increase water holding capacity of soil.

In cities, industrial units are contaminating the water which can be hazardous for aquatic life. In urban areas, water retention ponds are created which store run off water of rainfall. These ponds serve 2 purposes:

1) Limit flooding

2) Remove the pollutants

These are well aerated to support aquatic life. Proper aeration is vital for retention pond, settle, filler and use up the pollutant that enter during run off. The organic material called sludge is removed and can be sued as fertilizers. After this, the water is passed through poly alpha. Sponges, which absorb, H2S gas the dissolved heavy metals, are removed by BIOSORPTION.

Then water is chlorinated and supplied to cities. So, let us a pledge to conserve water to Support Life.

Name of the School: Guru Nanak International Public School, Ludhiana.

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