English Short Story “One Should Listen To Requests ” English Story for Class 10 and Class 12

One Should Listen To Requests 

Once there was a large garden with many fruit trees. The gardener used to water the plants and trees regularly.

One day the gardener saw that one tree was dying. Its leaves had fallen. It was a barren tree now. He planned to cut the tree with his axe.

When the gardener went near the tree, he saw that many birds had made their nests on the branches, and in the hollow of the tree. He did not bother about the nests. He took out his axe to cut it.

A bird came out of the nest and requested the gardener-

“Sir, I live here. This is my house. I have laid my eggs here. Please do not cut this tree.”

But the gardener paid no attention to her pleas. Many other birds also came and pleaded for mercy. The gardener was heartless. He had decided to fell the tree so he turned a deaf ear to their requests. As soon as he started cutting a branch, his axe struck a honeycomb which was hiding inside the branches. The bees attacked the gardener.

The gardener lift his axe and began running. The bees were chasing him. He found a black blanket lying on the cot in the garden. He took the blanket and wrapped it around himself.

As he was covered wholly under the black blanket, the bees could not detect him and went back to their honeycomb.

The gardener somehow managed to save himself. He gave up the idea of cutting the tree.

It is true that some people do not listen to requests but they do understand the language of blows.      

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