Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “ Do you think that homework should be abolished ?” Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.

Do you think that homework should be abolished ?

Homework is a bitter pill for many students. Teachers always give homework. They are given to help students to revise what has been done in the class and also to finish a given task set in school which the pupil could not finish on time.

Education and mastery of knowledge, is a matter of skill so the more practice one has the better skill. There are skill subjects and knowledge subjects. Both these categories require drill and repetition. The teacher, to some extent, drills the student in the class but in the classroom each individual student cannot be expected to do the same amount as skills of students vary from each other.

Homework need not necessarily be repeating what has been done in the class, it may be more study. The student goes through references and acquires more and better knowledge. The world of knowledge is so wide that the class alone cannot bring everything into the grasp of the student. So the student must take up some initiative of his own. This is one of the purposes of homework.

The school also must see that the students are not overburdened with homework. The teachers must see to it that the homework is distributed evenly throughout the week. Still there arc subjects like mathematics or transcription in the lower classes which require daily attention. There are other aspects of school work which can be attended to during the weekend, for example, map making and drawing diagrams.

Simply because some boys find homework too much to cope up with, it cannot be abolished. The school should provide some facilities, so that the boys can conveniently attend to their home work and the teachers can come willingly forward to help such boys.

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