CBSE Science Exhibition Project Example Theme “Community Health & Environment” Project “Comparative study on prevalence different disaster” Science Fair Project Class 10 and 12

Project Name:  Comparative study on prevalence different disaster


Project Theme: Community Health & Environment

The project will aim to get the data of prevalent diseases related to socio-economic status, educational background, hygienic conditions,
nutritional pattern and environment.

To analyze the above data and to find out the association between above factors and diseases.

Scientific Principle Involved: According to WHO, Health has been defined as state of complete physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual well-being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity.

Five dimensions of Health:
Physical health, Mental health, Social health, Spiritual health, Emotional health

Materials Used: Charts, thermocols, card-board, pieces of wood (Ply wood), Toys, Old utensiols (pans), Toys (Maximum use of waste materials.)

Working: With a help of a physical balance, we are trying to give awareness to the people that if out of five dimensions of health if any of them is disturbed (taken out from one side of balance), the other side of balance (human) goes down and the person comes in claws of ill health.

Investigations/Findings: People with lavish lifestyle high socio-economic status and living in a clean environment suffered moistly from Non-infectious and Chronic diseases whereas on other hand people of low Socio-economic status living in poor environmental conditions suffered mostly from infections and Acute diseases.

Utility and Further Scope: The project is based on investigation and can provide accurate data to NGOs and various agencies as well as Government about prevalence of diseases in various types of population for study and implementing suitable measures for improving health conditions and environmental conditions in our area.

Name of the School: Tata Chem DAV Public School, Bhimnagar.

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