CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “Environmental” Theme “ Mathematics Modelling” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Environmental


DiseasesProject Name : Environmental Diseases

Theme Name : Mathematics Modelling


Project: Using Peak Flow Meter Calculating the Percentage of Environmental Diseases Mathematical Modeling to Show Environment Related
Nowadays, In Our Polluted Environment The Major Diseases Caused Is Asthma, COPD (chronical Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases) Etc.
To Calculate Such Diseases With The Help Of Mathematical Modeling I.E. Using Peak Flow Meter

Peak Flow Meter: A peak flow meter is commonly used by a person with asthma to measure the flow in liters per minute expelled from the lungs. If the airways become narrow or blocked due to asthma, peak flow values will drop because the person cannot blow air out of the lungs as well  A peak flow meter helps check how well asthma is controlled. It can also be used to help determine how well a patient’s medications are working – especially during treatment of an acute attack. We can diagnose asthma easily by the use of peak flow meter  By giving the patient a chart with color codes, representing the severity of asthma



GREEN ZONE-reading in green zone signify 80-100% of personal best.This zone suggests that treatment plan is working and one should continue this strategy.

YELLOW ZONE-PEFR values between 50-80% are in yellow zone. It is a zone of caution and asthmatic patients with their PEFR in this zone should be cautious therefore make adjustments of daily activities.

RED ZONE- PEFR values below 50% of the personal best signify danger and suggest immediate medical attention.

Predicted Equation for normal values

PEFR (lt/min) Male = 69.259-2.229*Age + 2.888*Height

PEFR (lt/min) Female = 168.551-1.776*Age + 1.354*Height




FORMULA: (it is for checking the variability)
Highest Per-lowestper
Per Variability = *100
Highest Perreading


EG: 400-300*100/400 = 100*100/400= 10000/400= 25%

Due to the wide range of ‘normal’ values and high degree of variability, peak flow is not the recommended test to identify asthma. However, it can be useful in some circumstances.
A small proportion of people with asthma may benefit from regular peak flow monitoring.
When monitoring is recommended, it is usually done in addition to reviewing asthma symptoms and frequency of reliever medication use.
Name of the School: Ambuja Vidya Niketan, Junagarh, Gujarat

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